How to Store Your Bike

Vertical Bike Hanger

Most of people who own a house definitely do not want to have a messy garage, though in fact, most garages end up being cluttered and chaotic. Besides putting your car in the garage, having all your stuff well organized is as important as the first. While it seems all the spaces are unavailable for standing shelves, you can always look up to the wall and overhead. There are some garage storage options that will be a great help to reduce the clutter around your garage.

Wall Mounted Bike Rack

If you live in a home without a large yard but have a garage, then you can use the garage to store the bike. One thing to remember is that if you store the bike in the garage, it can get quite crowded and cluttered. Just like an option for apartment dweller, you can use a hanging bike rack as a solution for your garage organization.

Look available spaces around the garage that can be used to mount the hanger. The low traffic area is a great option to place the rack so the wheels no longer touch the ground.

The hanging rack can also be used as a stand for maintenance purpose. It will prevent you from lower back pain when you do the repair work, like replacing the tire.


Utilizing shelves on the ceiling is great if you have a high ceiling. You can install boards across the rafters as a platfor for any items to be stored. If the ceiling is high enough, you might want to install pull down stairs as well to provide easy access. Since the ceiling is as wide as your garage, it means that you’ll have twice of storage space in your garage. Just remember that the items stored in the ceiling should be items that you use less frequent.


Besides installing boards accross the ceiling, you can also use netting storage. This one is just like a giant hammock in your garage. Though it does not swing as easily as hammock,it can contained items securely. It is made of netting type material, which is great to store balls and other sports equipment. Attach the net directly to the ceiling or you can use hooks to allow you to use them to hang netted bags. Just remember that netting storage is a see-through storage, so it also means using this type of storage is visually cluttering.

If you’re looking a wall hanger for your bike, then we would suggest you to get the one from Hanging Bike. It is made with durable material, easy to install, and hang your bike securely.Installing a wall mounted bike hanger is an inexpensive and convenient organizational solution. It keeps your property safe and secure while maximizing the space around your home.

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